Product Condition Policy

Rest assured that your package is packed with the utmost care.

Estimates of delivery during busy holiday seasons may be higher. Saturdays & Sundays are not business days but the mail does still process.

Unless noted we ship all products in there original new factory sealed packaging.

We can not guarantee against shelf wear or minor damage to packaging during shipping. Returns based on this condition are covered by our Standard Return Policy and are subject to a restocking fee if returned. If we discover major damage to product packaging we will contact the customer for approval prior to shipment.

Please note that (collectors items) are inspected to verify, the mint to near mint to light play, contents before shipping. All single cards are guaranteed near mint (NM) near mint+ (NM+) light play (LP) condition unless otherwise noted in the shopping cart. NOTE: ALL Vitamins etc are shipped with the factory seal intact.


MINT: A card in Mint condition is pack fresh with no damage only very slight imperfections noticeable.

Near Mint / Mint: A NM / M  a pack fresh card that may have a minor imperfection or two. See listing.

Near Mint NM +: A Near Mint + card is a card that may have a few minor imperfections such as a few white spots on edges no scratches on the holo. 

Near Mint NM: A Near Mint card is a card that may have a few minor imperfections such as a shinny edges from factory die cutting a few white spots on edges or light scratches. 

Excellent LP: EXC/LP A Lightly Played card may have imperfections such as minor scuffing, edge wear and or light scratches.

Moderate Play MP: A Moderately Played card may have several imperfections such as edge wear on multiple sides, scuffs, shuffle wear, minor creases and or scratches.

Heavy Play HP: A card in Heavily Played condition may have severe edge wear, scratches, shuffle wear, creases, dents, scuffs, and/or staining, still a legal card if Sleeved.

Damaged DMG: A Damaged card is damaged in a way that may make it unplayable in tournaments, even in a sleeve. This damage may include heavy wear, dents, scratches, bends, creases, scuffs, water damage,  and or other types of damage.

Please Note: Sports card price guides still use the grade Near Mint as the highest grade, and a card that achieves a grade of “Mint” could sell at 150 percent the value given for the NM card. Collectibles: The grade “Mint” was allowed into the hobby as a grade that could be achieved. Still not totally perfect but, this step up in grade pleased collectors and is not easily achievable. This is why we grade our cards NM/M condition to the naked eye not under a magnifying glass.

A NOTE TO COLLECTORS: If you are a collector and seeking a perfect Mint or Pristine Card call us with your order. We will select an item with no marks if possible for an additional fee and we will ship the item or items with extra packaging material. Our merchandise is not handled by customers, stored in an ac environment and is sold as it comes out of the packaging.